Here is where you can find answers to some questions you may have... so far there are not that many questions that are answered, but if you do have a question you can then go to the Contact Form and submit a question. Hopefully questions may be answered within 48 hours.

What are your favorite colors?
Beni-chan: I like colors in pairs like Mint/Choco and Silver/Blue.
Kumi: ?

What kind of music do you like?
Both: J-pop and K-pop

What artists do you listen to?
Both: VOCALOID, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, AKB48, Supercell, Kanon Wakeshima, and Akiakane.

How did you get into Japanese pop-culture and fashion?
Both: We discovered the fashion in Sailor Moon and from computer games, but during the two years after Kumi moved, we had no communication because I (Beni) forgot her email. During those years apart, we discovered the same things such as the fashion and the music and anime and we were both shocked to know that we love the same things.
Beni-chan: I was born in Japan and I grew up watching anime and Japanese movies such as Ultraman, Super Sentai, Pokemon, and even Digimon.
Kumi: ?