Beni's Reviews

Little Chili Shop on Ebay
I ordered on  Friday June 28, 2013 and I received it Friday July 12. Two weeks total. The total cost was $108 ($14 for shipping). Apparently from other reviews I found on the internet they said that Little-Chili-Shop was a reseller/ shopping service for TaoBao brands at a reasonable price. So I decided to give it a hoot and I bought Infanta's Snow White JSK and the Ebay seller included the headbow that matches.

The packaging itself was small, about the size of a text book. The orange cup is a children's cup just to show the thickness of the packaging. There wasn't any damage at all so I give the Post Office a thumbs up again. The company even marked down the value of the package to something under $20 so it wouldn't get stuck in customs. I took it out of the package and when I unfolded it it revealed my matching headbow and a free gift.

The free gift was the butterfly earrings. They are so nice so I will keep the gift. The headbow was in its own package.

The headband is really sturdy and the fabric is cotton. The print doesn't bleed. The velveteen bow and the rose birdcage is removable with an alligator clip.

The dress is also made of cotton and the bow on the top isn't removable . The print is so beautiful! The boning for the corset is really nice, I tested it to see how fragile it is but it isn't. the shirring is nice and so is the lacing. I ordered this dress in XL so then it would be long enough for me since I'm 5'9".

The print is wonderful and the blue color is nice and deep. The skirt is lined on the inside which I love and the edge of the skirt is a much softer fabric. The waist tie is removable and it had the patterned fabric on both sides. The stitching is professional and the lace on the bodice isn't gross, it is the same quality of the Brand Lolita dresses. Overall I'm happy about this purchase so I will consider the Ebay shop for other TaoBao lolita in the future.
I had bought a Gothic Lolita dress from here a few years ago in 2010. I chose the EMS shipping for around $30 and the dress itself was $70. They said it was going to take about five days to make and about five days to send. I ordered it October 15 (Friday) and I received it on October 22 (a week later). It was really fast on how I got it. I didn't expect to receive it so soon because I thought it would take until maybe the Wednesday after to get here. Though the best thing about it was that it was sent by mail the day before I received it so the whole shipping time was a day. 

Now onto the dress itself! The fabric is cotton and it feels great to wear it without any problems. As an expert in sewing myself, I found the stitches and the seams to be perfect. There were no flaws at all. I did order a size L since I am tall, but that is okay because I did grow into it a bit and I still wear it every once in awhile. The bow on it isn't that annoying and the waist ties aren't stiff like some other Lolita clothing, plus they are really long and I am able to make a cute bow with it and they are cute with the ends reaching the edge of the skirt! It did come with a free separate petticoat but it died last year and it won't fluff out anymore. Overall I believe this is the best place to buy a cheap yet four-star quality lolita if you are starting out. They do custom sizes too, so if you are bigger or taller then you can get it in the right size.