Fashion Styles

Kawaii fashion is easily described by the meaning of it's name: "cute". This style features any aesthetics that would be considered cute and adorable. It can be light colorful outfits with accessories that are over the top, but still adorable! There is even a part of this fashion where eyeballs are pretty popular to have as an accessory like a hair bow or tights with printed eyeballs and monster claws. There are some popular brands in Japan that focuses on this style, but the most popular brand is 6% Dokidoki.

Fairy Kei
Just like Kawaii fashion, Fairy Kei focuses more on pastel colors and the child inside of you. Fabrics used are more flowing and soft and accessories are the little things that you favor the most.

A fashion sub-culture that is influenced by the following eras: Victorian, Baroque, and Rococo. The movement started in Japan in the 1980s and to this day, the fashion has taken on the fashion scene. Outfits are elegant and stunning, from the classical aesthetics of the Victorian era to the bright and magical fantasies of any girls mind into one dress that is bell-shaped and knee-length. Girls and maybe even the few brolita will wear a complete outfit that resembles a doll. Jumperskirts, one piece dresses, blouses, and accessories for this trend are easy to find by the easy to shop at brand and off-brand stores. Brands include Angelic Pretty, Baby, Alice and the Pirates, Innocent World, Metamorphose Temps de fille, and many more. Off-brands are Bodyline, Anna House, and even TaoBao brands in China. Brand Lolita is more expensive than off-brand and the sizing would be small for the Western Lolita.