Friday, May 16, 2014

Summer is Near!

Today I, Beni-chan, have finally finished with exams in school and now I started to think about summer. I am beginning to plan some fun activities and maybe some Try at Home recipes and craft ideas. But before that goes on, lets talk about International Lolita Day!

International Lolita Day is the first Saturday of June and December every year and I, among many other Lolitas, are excited for this day. It gives us another chance to wear coords that we want to try out to get the summer/autumn season started. I will be taking part in it and hopefully my local community would too. Now if you are still figuring out some new ideas or if you need help with any summer tips to stay cool and Kawaii in Lolita, then check out the official Kawaii Metamorphosis tumblr page for pictures and tips to help out. 

Make sure to check for #Summer Lolita or #Lolita Inspiration for the right posts.

Hope you enjoyed this little update and I hope you all stay cool and Kawaii this summer!

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